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If your garage door is not fully closing, there is a problem and it needs fixing. Check these tips to find out the problem.

Removing a jammed rod from a garage door

This is something our experts in Irvington often deal with. Do not use the automated opener at all because it will remove the cables from the pulleys. Disconnect both ends of the loose cable by pulling the hanging chain rod. Roll the door all up and block further movement using a screwdriver.

Using a washer to fix garage door alignment

Place an over-sized washer on either side of the pulleys. This will help you judge the alignment better. Make sure that you are not standing in the way of the door because the reversal mechanism may also be faulty at this time. Also ensure that the overhead springs are not tampered with.

Be careful of exposed or broken electrical cord

Sometimes, the reason why an electric door opener won’t work is because of broken or exposed wires. Be careful in finding these clues or you may get badly injured. Avoid hanging the cord or wires in windy or watery areas.

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