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Case Story - Fixing the Faulty Tracks

Case Story - Fixing the Faulty Tracks

Usually the tracks on which the wheels of the door travel do not get damaged that easily unless there is an accident. However, there are instances in which the garage door tracks might become bumpy due to overuse and force the wheels to go off. In such situations, the door sits at a strange angle and it becomes hard to close it all the way down. We once received a call from a customer complaining that his door is not closing properly and is leaving a small portion open at the bottom. We asked a few important questions regarding the age of the door and the time when the problem initially began before telling the customer that a team of technicians will be at his doorstep shortly to fix the issue.

Our team reached the given address in a short period of time

Without wasting anytime, they started inspecting the all the garage door parts one by one in a systematic manner to see what was causing the door to not close properly. The spring and cable both were in good condition and passed the inspection, so our technicians moved to the tracks and began inspecting them. It soon became apparent to them that the tracks were at the root of the problem. The tracks had become damaged and were making it difficult for the wheels to travel within them, causing the wheels to go off track.

Having discovered what the issue was the next step was to fix it. Our technicians saw that the faulty track was salvageable so they decided not to replace the door track but to repair it. The team asked permission from the customer after telling him about the problem and their plan on how to fix it. After getting the customer’s approval, the technicians removed the door from the frame first. They then began fixing the tracks so that it could become easier for the wheels to stay within them.

Once the door tracks had been restored to their former self, the last thing to do for the technicians was to adjust the door on the tracks. This task was performed quickly too and the door was reset on the repaired tracks in a short period of time. The team then checked the performance of the tracks and the door before leaving the customer’s premises. And this is one of the cases our company got everything "back on track"!

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